Your financial safety

We are committed to the financial safety of our customers.

Part of this is that we lend responsibly. We only lend to customers what we believe they will be able to pay back within the terms of their contract. This is why our credit team will check your application before approval. We’re a service designed to help people, not give them money and charge them astronomical fees to get it back.

Our fees are designed to be simple to understand and they’re not excessive. The industry is plagues by companies looking to profit from desperation. We believe if our customers shop around, they won’t find clearer fees. Our terms and conditions are easy to understand and we believe everything is fully explained.

If you find any terminology or clauses in the terms and conditions of your credit agreement confusing or difficult to understand, then our highly trained customer service supervisors will happily explain. They know our contracts inside out and backwards; you’ll know your credit agreement like the back of your hand!

We take the Data Protection Act very seriously and have established our own Code of Conduct for your data protection. We will never sell your data on.

Furthermore, we require that you give us certain security information over the phone that only you can confirm. This is to ensure that we are only ever speaking to you about your loan and other financial commitments.

We will never ‘overlap’ our loans. If you currently have a loan with us then you are ineligible for another until your current repayment plan has ended.

At Viarch loans, fraud is no joke. We will never consider an applicant who has previously been indicted for fraudulent behaviour. We use industry databases that hold information about those previously found to have acted fraudulently. Furthermore, we use the latest algorithms to detect fraudulent applications on our online system. These systems analyse the information you provide to seek out fraudulent applications. Our in house testing has proven this system to be 99% effective. Being able to detect 50 out of 50 fraudulent applications from a test batch of 200.

Finally, we are committed to our customers. We give them the respect and dignity they deserve. We understand that financial distress is very hard to cope with and our customer service agents are taught to be empathetic and polite. They can answer all questions you have so you are never left in the dark.