Welcome to Viarch Loans.

We provide fast, convenient loans with a no hassle guarantee.

The rise of payday loans has been meteoric, as has their criticisms. We provide an alternative to payday loans that are better for customers. Our flexible debit card loans are a perfect alternative because there is no single repayment. We offer our customers are more flexible plan suitable to their financial situation. There is no one size fits all loan, which we understand.

We do this because we offer a service called Debit Card loans. Debit card loans work similarly to payday loans but instead of a demand for payment in full on your payday, we allow you to spread your payment over 3 or 12 months.

We work effortlessly to provide our customers with same day funding. This means that you will get the money the day you apply! Our convenient online application, quick approval and simple repayment plans allow us to approve your loan and deposit the money in your account often within an hour of you submitting the application.

The system is designed so that on your payday of the 3 months after the loan is deposited in your account, the money is debited. You don’t have to do anything! This does mean though that you must have a debit account.

As you can see, our loans are very straightforward. There are no hidden fees or tricks to get your money. You can have up to £1000 without even leaving your home. It’s all so simple that a child could do it! But don’t worry, they’re not allowed.

There is no paperwork involved in requesting one of our loans, you simply fill out an online application, which takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and we will contact you.

Our target is that your loan will be provisionally improved; passed along to our credit team who will contact you for further information; and the money will be deposited in your account within 60 minutes.

Times are hard, wages have been falling for the longest period for 50 years, and we understand this. Our loans are flexible to help our customers when they need it the most, without forcing them to pay it back in a single instalment at the end of the month.

We believe that our loans are far more responsible than your average payday loan. Our 3 month or 12 month plans allow flexibility that prevents dangerous lending.

Furthermore, our commitment to responsibility means that we can only offer our loans to the following:

  • Persons aged above 20 years of age on the day of the application.
  • A resident of the United Kingdom with a National Insurance number.
  • Those whose income is above £9000 per year.

These thresholds allow us to offer very flexible loans. Indeed, these often allow those, such as students or workers on the minimum wage, who need our services the most to access financing, whilst other lenders would turn them away.

Our services are very inclusive. Those with bad credit are not only eligible, but we actively encourage them to use financing services like ours instead of traditional payday lenders. More information about credit ratings can be found here.